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Our dumplings.

Dumplings fingerfood met sojayoghurt dip

Sweet & Spicy

Sweet & Spicy

Davai is...

Dumplings in de oven (1).jpg

Photo by: www.kaatdm.com

Quick & Easy

Enjoy a delicious meal within 15 minutes. No difficult preparation or combinations. Bake in the oven or pan, add toppings & dips! Enjoy!

Delicious & Local

All our products are made in our own production facility in Schellebelle. We only use organic product and work without additives. Al our dumplings are filled with exciting flavours to make sure your can enjoy every bite! 

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Photo by: Laurafromthedessert

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Surprisingly vegan

Vegan doesn't have to be boring or difficult, on the contrary. Surprise yourself with new combinations, flavours, colours and more. Every plant-based meal contributes to a better world. Little things make big things happen, we can do this! 

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