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About Davai

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Maybritt & Ruslan

Determined to change the plantbased scene with our dumplings! 

We are two young entrepreneurs, Maybritt (23) & Ruslan (22), during our student years we founded Davai. Two years later spreading the dumplings love is our full time job. Every product we create has to be  delicous, fun and plantbased. We bring these products to everyone open for new food. We are always on the lookout to make our operations more sustainable and better for the planet.

Our dumplings are plantbased because we believe the world needs more than the substitutes on the market today to make plantbased food the new normal. For us dumplings are the perfect way to show that sustainable food is fun. We believe that small steps make big changes. That's why eating plantbased for a day is a huge step in the good direction. We want to make sure it is delicious. 

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