15-20 minutes

4 people 

Vegan Ceasar Salad

Vegan Ceasar Salad

20 Cheezy Davai

250g oyster mushrooms

1 Lettuce (Every kind of lettuce is fine)

1 can chickpeas

handful croutons 

1 el mustard

1 el Agave

4 el Oil 

Handful nuts (whichever you like) 

Salt & Pepper

1 lemon

Fresh herbs (we used dill)

1/ Make the agave mustard dressing. Mix the oil, mustard and ageve together. Season with Salt & Pepper.

2/ Rinse the lettuce and cut the lemon in wedges.

3/ Pour some oil in a pan and heat a midheat temperature. 


4/ Bake the oyster mushrooms and let them rest. Drain the chickpeas and bake them high heat. Also set them aside.

4/ Now bake the Cheezy Davai for 5-7 minutes on the pan. 

5/ Combine all ingredients and make a rich salade. Add croutons, nuts and fresh herbs.